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MilliOnAir emagazine goes global in 24hrs…

The brainchild of global branding and digital art specialist Millie Cooper MilliOnAir magazine using the joomag application has gone global in 24 Hours to rave reviews.
Millie is also co-founder of The Branding Initiative a global Brand, Presence and Monetisation specialist ( Personal Branding, Online Presence and Income Generation company ).
This first emagazine introduces the other co-founders – Kelly Ann Schiavo and Melanie MJ Jones and some key inspirational people that are part of or related to The Branding Initiative.
Where do the luxury brands come in ????? Well all of the co-founders and many of the members of The Branding Initiative have worked with or for luxury brands. They have very high standards in terms of the brands that they will work with .. working only with high quality, natural, meaningful brands – typically with an inspirational founder or founding story.
So no real surprise that you see Rolls Royce mentioned alongside – for example Gold Royale Group.
It also no surprise that the 2nd biggest off schedule show in London Fashion Week is mentioned along with it’s inspirational woman founder Deborah St Louis.
This emagazine taps into the global female empowerment movement that is being supported by important global icons and companies. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg have recently come out in active support of entrepreneurial women around the world.
Is there a purpose ??? Well a re-balancing of the world in favour of women in order to save the planet is mentioned !!!! That’s pretty big news then !!
Millie is already scheduling interviews with more inspirational women and some men who seem enlightened enough to support this initiative.
Millie, Kelly Ann and Melanie have done superb jobs of their own personal brands. They have raised their own profiles dramatically since founding The Branding Initiative and are much in demand as Brand Ambassadors and Promoters of luxury brands.
They are a new generation of ” Intelligent Brand Ambassador ” … meaning that they intelligently choose to work with brands that are compatible and enhance their own brands and also meaning that they seek to understand the strategy and objectives of the brands that they work with.
You can find MilliOnAir emag >>>> HERE <<<< and links are provided here to Millie, Kelly Ann and Melanie’s websites.

About MilliOnAir (65 Articles)
MilliOnAir Global Magazine showcases social media's biggest influencers, entrepreneurs, UHNI and celebrities from around the world, alongside new & established luxury brands. The exquisite quality and timelessness of the magazine keeps the readership high and ensures longevity of advertising campaigns and is viewed by over 1 million individuals per issue. With cutting-edge cross-media opportunities and global distribution, we offer advertisers tailored & effective campaigns. ‘’Bringing people + Brands together''.

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