July issue of MilliOnAir by Editor in Chief Millie Cooper.

Fashion Scout, Victoria House, London UK. 14th September 2019. Riona Treacy shows her Spring Summer 2020 designs. © Chris Yates

So after a small technical problem this weekend..MilliOnAir July issue is finally here! Just in time for July 4th celebrations in USA the cover story is about Lori Mixson from my home town Texas, so happy July 4th my USA family and friends.

After June’s 1st issue and my first attempt at producing and editing the magazine, I was overwhelmed by the wonderful response, feedback and also the support which has been fantastic. I will be thanking a lot of people in this post so watch out for your names on here.

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Back to June and the first issue, as I said this my first ever magazine. I basically wanted to bring together all the inspirational people I know and show the world their business’s, their brand’s and share their stories of their journeys from their beginnings to where they are now.

It’s not about your products, it’s about you

Those words above are what I keep hearing and what I live by on a daily basis. I am also in the belief that people should get to know people again and start talking again, no more texting, no more lost in translation via text messages and  actually talking face to face, over the phone or video calls, lets get back to the 80’s or before mobiles!  I am also a huge follower (as are a lot of people I know) of Gary Vaynerchuk I listen and I learn from this guy, I am on his wavelength as are an awful lot of people I know I just get every thing he is about.

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A lot of all of the above has been in my life for a very long time from a young age when I studied Art, I ran my own fashion boutique at the age of 18, I went off to Interior Design college, then in my later years I started my own Model Agency CooperModels.com, so I am not new to wanting to build a business/brand, this is something that I have always been passionate about.  And reasons for my magazine….I suppose it has always been in the back of my mind or some might say my sub conscious, anyway there was always something there that kept coming out of my mind but it never came out in the correct way for years, I suppose it was lost in translation for way to long.

After an illness this year, a lot of stress and being exhausted I needed time out from the world, so I took off to the other side of the globe and just slept, swam and ate good food.  And that is when my mind started to open up to ideas of creating something that would bring the business people I know together from around the world, not just in a Facebook group, I wanted something different, something that would stand out from the crowd…..so it was on my 13 hour plane ride home where I started to write my thoughts down, I created articles on my iPad, iPhone and on scraps of paper for the whole journey back and by the time I reached Heathrow…..viola MilliOnAir was born.

Yes the name was made from…Millie was On a plane up in the Air!

I am beyond grateful to so many people for supporting and believing in me and helping me all day, all evening, even 2am some mornings for the month of May and June! THANK YOU so to the hundreds of others out there who have supported me and believed in me.

Believe in yourself


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