Good Good Good Good Vibrations! 

You can literally change the frequency of energy to which your mind, body and spirit is tuned. Living in a state of high frequency vibrational energy has benefits that reach beyond this lifetime. However, during this incarnation, you gain accelerated spiritual progression, the ability to manifest realities more easily, and create an aura of energy around you that encourages others to return positive energies. You’re also helping to raise the vibration of others, because positive energy is transferable and combats negative energy.

Many people live with a constant undercurrent of stress, irritation and dissatisfaction. It can be hard to find happy moments, ordinary ones maybe, but a real smile or spontaneous laugh for some is relatively rare. When the true nature of the universe and reality is unknown to people, reality can be a dull pill to swallow. Given that we are often times unable to express our true potential due to life’s commitments, it’s tricky to feel fulfilled.

However, you can be both highly spiritual and make life a much easier ride, by changing the frequency of your energies to the highest vibration, that of love. A huge part of feeling bad is because you allow negative emotions to manifest. Some people’s lives are very hard, other’s easier and some people have everything handed to them on a plate. But there’s always that lingering sadness for everybody. Even if your life is really bad – you’ve run out of money, your health is poor, you’ve lost a love one – being unable to change these circumstances doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a break by taking control of your emotional energies, and manipulating them to your benefit. They are yours after all.

Raising your vibration from one of dissatisfaction, boredom or despair to that of love and light is achievable through things like meditation and most of all, knowing that all things are created from love-light energy. By existing in love you are aligning yourself with the natural laws of the universe. There is a natural law that everything in the universe exists as one infinite creation (of love-light energy). If you and everything around you is part of one unified creation then it’s easier to feel love for, well, everything. You are everything and everything is you!

When talking about love, it’s not romantic or excessively intensive love, it’s an overall love for all that there is, because we are all one, including humanity, the animal kingdom and everything you see on Earth and within the universe. By feeling love for all things, we are shining it back on ourselves.
You can approach life with a new purpose. Every day, tell yourself to live in love. It sounds strange because, for example, there’s that woman at work who’s rather annoying, and then there’s the ironing, you hate doing that because it’s so dull – but by replacing your negative low vibratory emotions with love through holding love in your mind and heart as a constant, everything changes.
It takes practice. Make a reminder to yourself every day that you are trying to react positively instead of negatively. Make another reminder to hold the vibration of love as a major part of you, as much as you can.
This lifetime is another cycle of learning and discovery for you. Even if life seems bad, you are learning lessons that will contribute to the progression of your spirit. So you see, even if you experience tough times, you are becoming wiser and closer to enlightenment. By living in positive vibrational energies, you are less likely to be swept up in the tangled web of issues and dramas of modern life.
Existing in high vibrational energies, the world seems to flow by and you handle every aspect with relative ease. Using love, care and tolerance as default emotions rather than frustration, anxiety and sadness, you can cope in any situation. Next time you are running late, try holding love in your heart for everything around you, the thing that you are doing and the place that you are going. You’ll be too occupied with this to experience stress. Replace every negative emotion with love, or something close. You may not manage it, but it’ll get easier and do some good.

Purposefully holding love in your heart will help you to dissolve some of your constrictive ego. That’s the all encompassing perception of the self, all the little things about you that merge together to make who you perceive yourself to be. Your ego can be fragile and require feeding with possessions and compliments, and can be damaged by the opposite. Confidence and self esteem can suffer.
Maintaining your ego is like smoking – you feed your ego addiction or feel dreadful if you don’t. But you can give up. Know that the ego is a mental construct that can be de-constructed. It’s imaginary. You could be a totally different person beneath your ego. For example, your ego wouldn’t stand for an acquaintance making a sly remark about you, but the spiritual you would know that the remark is meaningless and unimportant. The spiritual you living in a high vibration holds love for this unkind because they know not what they do, they are immersed in the illusion. You might want to distance yourself, or try to talk to them – what ever you feel is right.
Greeting others with love and kindness is catching and spreads like a virus. Others will subconsciously mimic your positivity, partly because they’ll want some of what you have! Then the world will be easier for them to deal with, and in turn they’ll spread the high vibrational energy to more people. The energy vibration of the mass consciousness is in turn raised.
Positive energies counteract negative ones. By living in a higher vibration, when you come into contact with a negative situation or person, you’ll find it much easier to diffuse or remedy the situation. Imagine a workmate panicking about a presentation. If you panic too, it gets worse for them, right? By showing kindness and lending some help, the other person calms. Here, high vibrational energy is cancelling out the negative.
So by purposefully and willingly raising your vibrations in line with creation’s, that’s love and light, you bring yourself in alignment with infinite possibilities. Obstructions are removed. While paying attention to and living within the present moment, work toward your goals in love and light. They are much more likely to manifest due to you literally being one with the universe.
Your chakras too will undergo an unblocking process and you’ll learn more about yourself than you can imagine. Self discovery occurs due to the free flowing of these positive energies revealing new aspects of your kind and loving personality. Helping others as well as improving yourself will become more natural to you, benefiting everyone.
The spiritual advancement you will gain in this lifetime is greatly enhanced by living in a high energy vibration. It is a trait of the adept to approach all things in love and light, and knowing that each step is part of your voyage of learning and experience. If you are a third density spirit progressing to the fourth, then exuding love energy is very likely to help you with this aim.

You can charge any crystalline structure with pure love energy and keep it with you. This is why many people keep quartz and other crystals. They act like a hard drive for emotions. Quartz is used in watches and computers to keep time as it vibrates exactly 60 times per minute when current is applied – handy right? But you can also use it as a happiness storage device. Wash the quartz in water, charge it with love and put it in your pocket to use when you are experiencing low frequency energies.
Living in love also does planet Earth some good. It encourages people to empathize with nature, the earth and humanity, in turn, stopping destruction. High vibratory energies also have a mass effect. The more people who live in love and light the easier it is for Earth to make the transition to the fourth density – which is possibly already complete.
The Earth is now out of alignment with the majority of entities inhabiting it who are scattered in their polarizations, positive through negative. The Earth may have moved into the density of love and understanding, but most people are still of the third density seeking polarization. The Earth’s fourth density will be fourth density positive, however the transition has been difficult because the population is not ready.

It seems to many that there is new breed of children being born at this time, or within the last three decades. These entities are more aligned with the higher vibrational energies of the Earth itself and have a propensity to help others.
Living in the high vibration of love means that you experience, both giving and receiving, emotions such as respect, tolerance, kindness, care, compassion, joy, appreciation, empathy, sympathy, happiness, friendship and love itself. Little niggles seem less important and easier to brush off. A feeling of knowing what really matters in life arises. You’ll feel healthier, not just mentally but physically as your chakras become unblocked and energy is free to flow throughout your mind/body/spirit complex, cleansing every part of you.
Living in a high vibration will transform the way you look at the world, and you may find a lot of beauty and happiness that alluded you before.

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