Now there is no escape from Jack M. Zufelt! MilliOnAir online is everywhere!

So here we are in March! Where did the time go? All seems a blur these last few months since Christmas, but I suppose that is what happens when you are so busy working 247. It is all great though and thoroughly enjoyable creating something I am so passionate about, but luckily it is not all about me.

This month it is actually all about Jack, Sam, Mariett, Tim, Melanie, Sally, ForwarPR, Richtopia, Lisa, Nicole and the wonderful list goes on and on.

You may be all saying who? Who is that? Who are all these people? Well this is part of the ‘why’ reason of creating MilliOnAir Global Magazine…To share with all of you out there in cyber space these inspirational, entrepreneurial, millionaires, billionaires, startups, new & established brands and to be able to get connected, get interacting with them all, as truth be told we are all online geeks now days (well I am anyway) and we all want to connect with anyone and anything at a touch of button. Agree? Let me know your thoughts with this little button here

Let’s get back to Jack;

Jack M. Zufelt

‘Mentor to Millions’

JACK ZUFELT is one of the most successful speakers and business consultants on the national and international scene.

He is a very popular keynote speaker. He conducts seminars and customized training programs as well as life-changing weekend retreats all over the world.

Jack is a very successful businessman with a vast amount of experience in many different corporate arenas. He has invested over 20 million dollars in several different businesses. They include real estate, coal mines, eight Airborne Express franchises, six automotive tune and quick lube franchises, manufacturing, personal development and extremely successful high tech computer games called, “Cinemaware”. His client list includes companies of all sizes including many Fortune 500 companies. He is also the highest paid trainer in Network Marketing. Catch Jack HERE in MilliOnAir.

Jack’s book, The DNA of Success, has catapulted him into the limelight as a celebrity business consultant, keynote speaker and trainer all around the world.

Flicking or swiping through the magazine and you hit page 10…Tayo Irvine Hendrix shows up, bright, beautiful and highly inspirational in digital form and just as she is in real life. Tayo attended the MilliOnAir launch event back in January and we have been planning regular content for the magazine ever since, so there will be a lot more interaction going forward with Tayo and MilliOnAir.

Here at MOA Towers we also get to talk (yes talk) with real people who launch their new brands, so when I met up with Kim and Kofi it was a no brainer to have them in the magazine. Young, dynamic, luxury fashion and first and foremost in our hearts at the office…creating these beautiful pieces for endangered animals.

At K&K LABS, we make beautiful silk scarves that put endangered animals first!Our beautiful, luxurious silk scarves are designed with love, by us, for you.

Our mission is to create awareness to wildlife, endangered animals and nature through our silk scarves. This is why all our carefully hand-illustrated designs, one hundred percent feature at least one endangered animal or nature to keep with our mission of creating awareness through our wearable treasures.

Our promise, from day one, has always been to donate 10% of our net profit to an alternating chosen charity every year.

We believe the world is better off with the existence of animals, no matter how domestic or wild, and for that reason, we strive very much to do the little we can to keep animals and nature from becoming extinct and by owning one of our exclusive scarves, you can truly stand out and be an ambassador and an inspiration to the world!

We are also now showcasing more and more brands; fashion, travel, cars, beauty, jewelry and art. Where you will be able to shop your much needed, wanted and favorite items.


Luckily we do! Sam Hurley; Holding a fluent understanding of Digital Marketing, Sam is a hard working and loyal individual who will always impress due to a highly dedicated work ethic. Desire to make a difference allied with an energetic willingness to learn ensures this flexible and adaptable marketer will not disappoint.

Catch Sam here in MilliOnAir and soon to be on the front cover with an exclusive interview

When we were approached by UK’s Gateway Films to be there for the release of their new movie AWAY (which is soon) we could not say no! Mariett Ramm and I will be working closely with Gateway Films on exclusive projects with Terry Stone which we can tell you more about soon, but if you would like more information please contact us HERE

We were so excited to be invited to London Fashion Week with ForwardPR for the 100% Egyptian Cotton at The International Fashion Showcase a fashion installation that featured Egypt’s best emerging designers, and was part of International Fashion Showcase (IFS) 2017 presented by Mercedes-Benz. the Egyptian exhibition was curated by Susan Sabet, founder and editor-in-chief of Pashion Magazine, and one of the top 500 most influential people in the fashion industry according to the Business of Fashion. The exhibition is supported by British Council Egypt and Commercial International Bank – Egypt (CIB), the largest private sector bank in Egypt. Sahara by Shahira Fawzy has provided the Egyptian cotton for the installation.

David Ferreira is a Portuguese-based womenswear label. The designer, whose vision is to create a perfect harmony between tradition and modernity, will return to Fashion Scout to showcase his AW17 collection this February.

Ferreira studied Fashion and Design at Westminster University and went on to win the prestigious Fashion Scout Merit Award; securing full sponsorship for his next three collections over London Fashion Week.

Fusing traditional corsets, basques and long trains with a range of minimalist designs, bright colours and bursts of leather, PVC and futuristic metals; Ferreira is a success story in creating a modern approach to couture.

Most recently, Ferreira won the first ever edition of Mercedez Benz Les Etoiles in Paris.

Forward PR is one of London’s leading fashion PR agencies. We work with a broad range of clients representing design, music, beauty, iconic global events, print and digital content.

From red carpet events to feature editorials, Forward PR clients have appeared in thousands of publications, award ceremonies and exclusive collaborations across the globe.

Our new beauty and celebrity editor Steven Smith met up TV personality Nicole Faraday talking about life in the real life and the celebrity world and how staying healthy and fit is so important .

Some other exciting news coming up in the next couple of months is we will be launching The MilliOnAir Inspiring Woman Awards which will be sponsored by Grace of London and Richtopia.

Well I can go on and add the whole magazine in this post but I have to start working on the April issue with the rest of the team…

Read the March issue here

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