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Tayo Irvine Hendrix

TAYO IRVINE HENDRIX has creativity running through her veins. Having inherited her love of music from her father and her healing abilities from her mother it is no surprise. From the moment her father gave her a shamanic drum as a child and taught her how to connect her heartbeat to that drum beat she was hooked. The loss of her first love to suicide in her early 20’s saw Tayo drop out of music and searched for answers to why someone feels so disconnected from the world. Tayo uses her heartbeat rhythms and intuitive mind to reconnect people to their own inner beat. 

‘My name is Tayo and I am the founder of Tayo Healing Centre and Tayo Wellness Clinic’s in London and Kent UK. As an experienced consultant and counsellor to a wide variety of individuals, often in the ‘public eye’ I am recognised for merging ancient cross-cultural healing methods into modern living. My passion in life is to help others thrive and live mentally strong able lives. Millie Cooper of Milli-On-Air has just started to work with one of my courses. After life threw a few questions at her she could not put an immediate answer to. My ‘e.NOW’ course teaches us to free space in our mind to create space for answers to surface, through the power of positive thought, positive action, positive outcome. It teaches you to think powerful thoughts and keep your mind focused in business and life.

Being new to Milli-On-Air Global Magazine, I would like to gift you part of my Tayo Method e.NOW course ‘The Morning Dump’. Millie had her first ‘Morning Dump’ experience with me recently after a late night call. She found it to be very cathartic. So the gift is this: Every morning throughout March within 30 mins of waking (sooner the better) write down three A4 pages of thoughts. Anything at all that comes to mind, just let it come out ‘I slept really well last night and woke feeling refreshed etc etc’ or ‘ I had the strangest dream …etc’. It could be something else about the previous day, week or even years back. Whatever is there let it out. DO NOT read it back. This is not about understanding what you are thinking it is about creating space in your mind. Think of yourself as a computer, your mind has stored everything on the desktop. Now you need to create space there. So you are removing data from your hard drive (desk top). You will not be reading it or sharing it with anyone at this point.

I tend to take my ‘Morning Dump’ after a coffee. You will find that initially it may be quite hard to do this but once you get into a routine I promise you it will flow so freely you will look forward to waking up and releasing every morning. If you don’t want to write 3 pages of A4 then simply speak into your mobile phone for 30 minutes. Just dump the content of your mind and free up space for the day’s events. We often has wonderful things going on around us and yet because we are so caught up in the events of yesterday or what is coming tomorrow we forget to live in the joy and experience of now. e.NOW teaches us to be mindful and to experience the moments not just the memories.

If you find it impossible to begin the writings, then I would like to offer a second gift. This month during Lent/Spring an Energy Clearing and or Sacred Space Clearing to remove any blockages will be 30% off simply by mentioning Milli-On-Air when booking. To book your reduced rate personal energy clearing or sacred space (from £52 including discount) simply call or email the number below. Whether you are LONDON based and you would like to pop along for a 30 minute session, or whether you simply want an absent clearing, if you feel something is holding your energy back and you need clearing or smudging just give me a call and we will ensure that your energy is cleared and smudged to perfection. So you can begin your Morning Dumps. NOW is your time to shine and be the best version of yourself.

Tayo is a multifaceted individual who has learnt to accept and embrace all of her life experiences and put those, with her vast training, qualifications and knowledge, to the betterment and enrichment of other peoples’ lives.

An acclaimed shaman, author and storytelling artist, she is recognised for bridging ancient healing methods and modern culture. Her passion is to provide healing for the mind, body and spirit through metaphysical growth and knowledge. For 30 years Tayo has been developing a unique style of healing. The Tayo Method works by treating clients from the roots.

Tayo is currently living in London, England and busy writing various projects. ‘Tayo Experience’ Tate Modern Arts Lights Show (a global audience participatory event encouraging you to rediscover and reconnect to your inner beat through rebirth). ‘Losing My Way Home’ (Tayo’s second book shares the story of an unclaimed child and how music and arts saved her in the darkest days) and ‘George Redhawk: From The Darkness Into The Light’. (the life story of her good friend, world renowned blind artist George Redhawk an Apache Indian, who went from US Special Opps services, to medicine, blindness, heartache, and triumph through reconnecting to his inner art beat ). Art has always played a healing role in Tayo’s life NOW for the first time, we get to see why. ‘We are creations. We are here to create’ Tayo.

Written by Tayo Irvine Hendrix

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