Dr Gabriela Mercik is the golden girl of the aesthetic industry – and now she’s using particles of the precious metal in a revolutionary new shampoo that not only strengthens hair but also helps with scalp regeneration.

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Dr Gabriela Mercik is the golden girl of the aesthetic industry – and now she’s using particles of the precious metal in a revolutionary new shampoo that not only strengthens hair but also helps with scalp regeneration.

At her new clinic at 56 Harley Street, Dr Gabriela caters for an eclectic clientele of society, celebrity and showbiz clients – even royalty. All clients are treated with the utmost confidentiality, with treatments that are specially tailored for them but still affordable.

Originally from Poland, Dr Gabriela is a leading light in the anti-ageing medicine field and is responsible for introducing some of the most innovative non-invasive treatments into the UK. These including PDO thread lift TM, GloToxT injectable facelift and MoonlightDustTM, the molecular water facial. She is also a member of the select group of master injectors.

Now she’s about to take the beauty world by storm with her own range of skincare products. There’s already a huge buzz around her hair-loss products, which sell out in minutes, and there’s likely to be a massive scramble for the new Golden Shampoo.

Dr Gabriela began working with hair-loss when she moved from Poland to Northern Ireland. Among her treatment are a series of injections containing neuropeptides, small protein-like molecules. Along with the nanopetides, she injects mesotherapy, a mixture of vitamin treatment.

Dr Gabriela Mercik is the golden girl of the aesthetic industry

She was getting results but found the effects were even better when the meso was reduced and the neuropeptides were increased. After treating her hairdresser in Northern Ireland, the word got out and people started queuing up for the treatment.

“I said to my family I want to work abroad and they all seemed a little worried that I had chosen Northern Ireland, but it was wonderful and I made many friends.” She said.

Her passion for skin care and hair-loss led her to create her own range under the Magic label. Gabriela laughs when I ask about the name – it’s not because the products are magical – although they are – she chose it because when she first moved to the UK people were unable to pronounce her name and instead asked for “Dr Magical.”

Dr Gabriela, who originally trained as a cardiologist, wanted to create a range including hair care after both she and her mother, Lucy, battled breast cancer in 2009.

“That Christmas neither of us had any hair, eyelashes or brows. My mother was told she was terminal but, thank God, she’s all ok now, but it does make you appreciate every day you are here,” she said.

Dr Gabriela and her mum, who is now 70, use the products and both now have healthy heads of hair but the experience inspired her to create a range for people suffering from hair loss. She’s careful not to claim 100% success but some of the visuals are pretty impressive. She plans to work with breast cancer charities when she launches the hair care range in a few months’ time.

Luckily for me I’m not follically-challenged but I’m in my fifties and, like many people at this time of year, my hair starts to fade and shed, so I was happy to try it out.

After washing my hair with the Golden Volume shampoo, I applied the Magic Rain product this delivers molecular water to the heart of the skin, where it stimulates skin hydration and rejuvenation. I followed this with the anti-hair loss serum, which I gently massaged in.

Hair loss Serum and Magic Mist part of her hair care system

At first I was concerned as my hair, which has some highlights in it, felt a little dry. However, once I started to dry my hair it looked very shiny and full and kept its style longer.

The hair loss serum contains gold particles that penetrate the skin – unlike silver, silk proteins and amino acids. May people use this twice a day and are experiencing great results, according to Dr Gabriela.

As I used the products over the next few weeks, my hair seemed to grow faster. Friends noticed and one asked if I was taking anything for it. Using the combination certainly kept the style in place and my hair felt thicker.

PDO Thread Lift London, Non-Surgical Facelift | Dr Gabriela Harley Street 

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