When impact investing is powered by cryptocurrency!



MilliOnAir September issue

Impak Coin fully legal crowdsale offers investors to make a positive change in the world whilst providing return. Have you heard about the cryptocurrency boom? – Bitcoin, ethereum, monero, etc. ? Have you heard about impact investing?

If your answer is no to one or two of these questions you should look closely at impak Coin to kill two birds with one stone!

The growing impact investment sector

On April 5th 2017, The Ford foundation announced a $1 billion commitment to the growing investment field known as impact investing.

The move sends a signal to other investors, foundation and institutional investors that perhaps the time has come to consider the potential of impact investing.

Impact investing is all about seeking to earn not only attractive financial returns but concrete social returns as well. And in fact, this sector is booming and number of investors and funds are seeing both significant investment opportunity and significant alignment with their mission to reduce poverty, injustice in respect of the environment.

The World Economic Forum estimates the impact investment sector to reach in the trillions of dollars by 2020, so it’s a big and growing market and is genuine option for people wanting to put their money where it matters.

The boom of the cryptocurrency market

The blockchain/cryptocurrency market has been on fire in the past year. Indeed, over the last 10 months, we have seen a boom of Initial Coin Offering (ICO), reminding us of the early months of the dot com era. ICOs have already raised USD 327 million this year alone, compared to USD 101 million in all of 2016, according to the latest numbers from Smith + Crown, a blockchain research firm. “This is inevitably becoming a fast-growing alternative for businesses to raise capital.”

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies recently passed $100 billion market cap, and the technology is being adopted in projects all over the world. The fact that multibillion dollar companies like Toyota and Deloitte are working with the blockchain just adds to the technology’s reputation and proves it has value. As for ICOs, around 20 offerings a month are currently taking place and the Tezos blockchain ICO is the most recent record that generated US$232 million, ending on July 13.

impak Coin joins the best of two worlds : impact investment powered by cryptocurrency

impak Finance, the Canadian FinTech company focused on driving the social impact economy, announced this month the public crowdsale of impak Coin, which is one of the first fully regulatory compliant cryptocurrency to launch it’s ICO. By writing that new page in the history of ICOs, impak Coin removes the risk associated with the purchase of unregulated digital currency.

The goal of impak Coin is to accelerate the interaction between citizens, investors and entrepreneurs in this new virtual space dedicated to the social impact economy, called The impak Coin combines the advantages and functionalities of complementary currencies, recognition programs, and new cryptocurrencies.

“We want to mobilize those a financial return, but also the positive impact on our collective well-being. As an organization 100% dedicated to the growth of the impact economy, we appeal to those who believe in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to join us – as far as I know, they want to change the world, too!”

said Paul Allard, Co-founder and CEO of impak Finance.

“We need to expand our imaginations and our tools if we want to tackle the large-scale problems facing the world today. We can’t neglect the tremendous power of markets, including the capital markets, to contribute to a positive impact.”

The impak Coin aims to become the international currency dedicated to the impact economy

impak finance Paul Allard and Francois Le Bel

A truly innovative investment device, impak Coin is designed to work alongside traditional economy but with public benefit in mind. The public crowdsale of impak Coin is running until September 20th 2017 and investors can participate on

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