Showcase – Connecting Business and Culture

The UK arts and cultural scene is an international success story and participation in the arts is now part of our national DNA

– Cultural consumers are aspirational, connected and influential.

Art and culture has the power to connect and inspire. We harness this for brands and their audiences and

build connections between art and business that create successful partnerships, campaigns and events.

Showcase is one of the few companies specialising in this sector.

 We are at the forefront of championing partnerships between business and the arts.

On the 9th of June 2016, we organised the inaugural Art of Sponsorship conference with the National Theatre and our market research partner Repucom.

Conference highlights can be seen below.



We create partnerships between business and culture that connect brands with the arts. Effective platforms and vibrant sponsorships support your business and how you engage with the world. A combination of business drivers and our deep knowledge of the cultural sector ensures cultural sponsorships that engage and build brand authenticity. We are experts at national and international arts & culture sponsorship, arts consultancy, education and CSV programmes. Showcase helps clients:

• Identify the best cultural platform or association

• Negotiate partnerships

• Develop cultural campaigns and communications to bring partnerships to life


We give our clients a distinctive voice, locally, nationally and internationally.Our team are driven by your specific needs from developing an event, exhibition or brand experience, promoting a production, managing a global campaign to building a brand profile. We connect you with key influencers; editors, experts and commentators to amplify the power of your story.

• Event launches and exhibitions

• PR

• Cultural collaborations

• Brand experience


The branding of place has become synonymous with its cultural offering.

We work with countries that understand the power of their cultural assets to enhance reputation and build international relations and identity.

We develop cultural strategies that enhance countries cultural heritage; support artists and creative industries, help build sustainable viable communities and drive social connections and audiences. Our cultural place making programmes include:

• Creative vision planning and development

• Fundraising and influencer campaigns

• Communications campaigns that promote identity through culture


Showcase maximise the value of your cultural organisation to attract sponsor partners.

We help you value and cost your assets, create focused sponsorship packages and make the connections to business.

Our knowledge, expansive database and experience of the business sector help you secure the best possible sponsor partnerships that benefit both parties. We work with arts and cultural organisations to:

• Develop a creative vision and strategy for sponsorship

• Value and package the sponsorship assets

• Cultivate and secure sponsors

• Negotiate final contacts



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