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An inspirational leader who gets things done. Jacqui has travelled the world since 1994 in the name of exports and international trade culminating in an MBE in the Queen’s 2013 New Year Honours List for Services to Industry and International Trade.

Having blazed a trail and built a globally recognised brand within the male dominated construction industry, Jacqui is passionate about the business of business. She is a determined professional who wants to make a difference to those she works with and for.

In addition to her passion for her own business Jacqui is a patriotic ‘believer’ and is of the firm belief that Britain has a great many products, services and practical business solutions to offer the changing face of the global economy. She is on a mission to “make a difference” wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself.

We met up with worldwide business entrepreneur Jacqui Miller-Charlton for an exclusive interview to chat about business, life, goals and Newcastle.

MOA: When did you start your journey in business?

Back in the early 80’s when I was only 17. Although when I look back I was selling/ trading and profiting from these transactions at the tender age of just 8!

MOA: How was business life back then being in a male dominated world?

Very different to the ‘politically’ direct worlf of today. You were fair game and you needed your wits about you at all times. I was always gifted with a greet deal of confidence and so I worked out early in my career so long as I knew my subject I would gain the respect that would keep me safe. That’s not to say that I haven’t had several quite serious incidents to deal with but fortunately nothing more than that. It’s NEVER acceptable to be treat differently because of your gender but we also need a sense of humour and perspective to ensure we don’t misinterpret innocent fun into something more sinister.

MOA: Was there a lot of sexism back then and is there still now?

Yes lots although it’s improved dramatically it still exists. As I referred to in my earlier answer you need to keep things in context and not over react however there are some incidents which are unacceptable on every level and unfortunately as has been well published recently this is still prevalent in some industry sectors / countries. We need to work together to STAMP this out.

Jacqui Miller is a passionate advocate of the North East, especially in support of the world class engineering and manufacturing businesses in this Region

MOA: Who inspired you to succeed in your younger days?

No one it was inbuilt. I never thought about succeeding I thought about the end result I wanted to achieve. If you work hard with a purpose and focus of your desired outcome I’ve found that success is your prize in the end.

MOA: How has your journey been over the last few decades?

A rollercoaster of fun, fear, anxiety, pride, joy, regret, celebration, determination and resilience.

MOA: Do you like the fact more woman are working their way to the top and being more independent?

Most certainly with the new role I took on in January this year I’m working with more and more women who have made it to the top of their chosen professions and it’s really quite liberating working alongside such talented and inspiring female talent.

MOA: What has been your greatest achievement so far in life and in business?

Well of course my greatest achievement has to be my two wondeful children, my first born and son Rayn and my beautiful daughter Victoria. Business wise ( todate) is how I built a global brand through selling into counties that did not understand or infact see the need for our companies products and then turning that at first near impossible market /task into a success.

MOA: Do you think woman need to evolve and change with the times more so now than in the past?

Women need to celebrate their strength and their ability to work on many levels. They need to appreciate themselves more and give themselves credit for the incredible individuals they are and the daily difference they make to many. They need to see themselves as equal, no more, no less. The more comes with your vision and work ethic.

MOA: What skills do we need now days to be working as a fast paced business leader?

We need to be able to multi task and we need to be prepared for business to impact on what traditionally was considered ‘free/down time’. If we want to make a sustainable difference we need to work hard and consistently to achieve the outcome we desire. Business leaders will generally have the skill sets needed to ensure results and if they don’t great business leaders will take the necessary steps to ensure they are well equipped for their journey.

MOA: What or who motivates you?

My internal desire to ‘make a difference’. For me it’s important we use the skills and knowledge we’ve gained over our own life’s journey to try and do something that is impactful and that hopefully goes on to help a great many others in years to come.

MOA: What are your beliefs in life and business?

Always treat others as you’d like to be treat. Be honest in business and never knowingly try to exploit any individual or business.

MOA: What are your future plans?

How long have you got????

I’m going to work with some incredibly talented creative people who have become my business family and together we will co collaborate with targeted countries to deliver fantastic films and creative content. I’m going to deliver a film festival that goes on to be recognised as ‘the beating heart’ for independent film makers and I’m going to learn not beat myself up so much and to make me proud of me.

MOA: MOA has been supporting and following NFF…Why Newcastle Film Festival?

‘Unless you’ve visited Newcatle ( North East England) then you won’t be aware of its vibrancy, it’s nightlife, it’s cultural links to the world of film and its amazing history of inventions that literally changed the world. Indeed it could be reasonably argued that it was in fact Newcastle upon Tyne that started Britain’s industrial revolution with inventions such as the light bulb, the steam engine and the railways all born of the region. The compact nature of the city itself along with It’s passionate and throughly genuine people are what makes it so very special and it is for this reason that Newcatle upon Tyne and the wider region will go on become a festival recognised in years to come as the beating heart of creative independent film makers the world over….

In addition to her passion for her own business Jacqui is a patriotic ‘believer’ and is of the firm belief that Britain has a great many products, services and practical business solutions to offer the changing face of the global economy. She is on a mission to “make a difference” wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself.

MOA: Anything on Brexit? And can we thrive outside the EU?

Brexit ( if it happens) is what it is. My view is that we should of had at least a minimum 60/40 vote on such an important constitutional matter. Never the less it is what it is and we need to start looking at the opportunities that a Britain outside the EU will offer. We need to start looking and acting like a confident nation that has an amazing history of innovation, engineering and visionary attributes to offer the world. Our press need to cease this 24/7 dripping tap of what if this and what if that’ and look to unite positively to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. Of course I appreciate that my view is ‘common sense’ the trouble of course with ‘commn sense’ is that it isn’t that common!’

MOA: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to be in business in the UK?

Ensure you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and focus on what you have to offer. What makes your product or service equal to or better than your competitors? Be resilient and prepared to change direction to suit the uncertainty ahead. In so doing however stick to your values and principles and NEVER be prepared to compromise your long term business objective.

MOA: What is next for the fabulous JMC?

To continue to work on projects that I’m fullfilled by. To work with people I fall in love with and want to be part of my life forever. To ‘make a difference’ to many yet to walk life’s path.

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