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As a young girl, Jo saw her mother working as an Avon lady, which inspired her interest in fashion and beauty.

At 16 she left school to become a model, achieving almost immediate success after being crowned the The Sun’s Face of ’72. She worked until she met Ronnie and after a few years together became his PA, as well as styling him for stage and photo shoots.

Her love of the organic lifestyle came from a health scare in 1989, which changed the way she wanted to live. Starting with the food she ate – she learnt everything she could about organic farming – her passion for all things organic quickly turned to products she used on her skin.

Struggling to find organic and natural beauty products that not only looked great, but that actually performed on the skin, Jo took matters into her own hands and launched Jo Wood Organics at Harvey Nichols in 2006, which then went on to launch in USA and Canada.

What’s your secret to looking amazing?

Ahh thank you

I believe what you put in your body and what you put on your skin are part of you, they go hand in hand; your biggest organ is your skin! You need to look after what you cannot see as well as the outside…I also believe that. ‘’you should eat to feed your organs and not your hunger’’ I love to eat clean and fresh and that help me feel great, I also use my own ‘Jo Wood Organics’ as that feeds and nourishes my skin.

All the above helps with a happy healthy life.

What first inspired you to start making your own organic skincare products? 

In 1989, I misdiagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I was rushed to hospital where they discovered I’d been walking around with a perforated appendix for two years.

I was asked to take a steroid treatment I found myself gravitating towards a natural lifestyle. I think had I not changed to a healthy living I would be dead by now. It was during this time I met herbalist Gerald Green who taught me about nutritional healing. The clean food made me feel so much happier. I also started to think about what I put on my skin as a lot of the skincare I was using had nasty/chemical ingredients. I started to experiment and make up my own little natural concoction’s which my friends loved and pushed me into making more. I wanted to create organic products that were glamorous and sexy and to make organic products that actually work. And in 2006, after a lot of research, I launched ‘’Jo Wood Organics at Harvey Nichols’’.


What skills or experience from your career do you use in your business?

The business side of the brand terrifies me. I was on a one woman organic revolution at an early stage. The more I persevered the more people I met who believed in me and the brand. Working with Colette Haydon from Elixir was fantastic and she helped me no end. I guess my skills are; my face, my mind and me being me is my brand.

Why are organic skincare products so important?

For a start, it helps the organic farmers out there around the world. raising awareness on sustainability and herbal healing.

Also Getting so ill was like a switch for me, or more of a ‘’health switch’’, the more organic, the more natural the better.

What excites you the most about running your own organic brand?

Getting to see my brand grow, creating more beautiful products and getting my message out there which may help others to change their lifestyle for the better.

What are the biggest challenges you have had to overcome in starting your own business?

The whole business was a huge challenge, but being involved with the right people was a great help.

And your proudest moment to date?

When I went to Harvey Nichols department store in London with samples of my products, I sat there for ages thinking they hated it. Eventually they came over to me for a chat and said… ’’Yes, we want your products in store!’’ When I got outside, it hit me, I was so excited I screamed! People must have thought I was crazy.

What is your beauty must have?

My daily must-haves are Ila Cleanser and Ila Face Oil, as well as my Jo Wood Organics Body Oil and one of my Everyday by Jo Wood Body Scrubs.


How do you balance your business with your family life?

I am always busy, always running about, TV shows, promoting and working on a new book. I am a wonder woman at multi-tasking and then I also know how to take time out. It is all about balance.

Where would you like to see your business in five years?

I would love it to be a huge but also a niche global brand. I would also like to launch a range for young girls and be able to advice on great skincare and nutrition from a young age.

What advice do you have for other aspiring business individuals who want to start their own organic brand?

Be unique, be passionate, be all over social media, push yourself and most of all be you.

Put natural foodstuffs into your body and it won’t let you down. Nature always knows best

Do you find that people’s opinions towards the idea of going natural have shifted over time?

Yes, I do, some people get to the stage where they are so ill and decide on alternatives, other people don’t like change. Organic food and skincare is much more accessible now, especially in the high street supermarkets.

What has been the most rewarding part of transitioning to a natural lifestyle?

Transforming my health as well as helping others. When I get back to my blog in 2018 I would love to be a big voice out there to help more people make a change for the better.

Do you have any favourite natural skincare tips or tricks? 

Matcha tea, sleep, relax and take time out to breath.

Who or what inspires you?

Mother Nature

Connect with Jo here www.jowoodorganics.com

Read more here www.makeupintelligence.net

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