The Inspirational MilliOnAir Women

MilliOnAir has showcased female global online mentors who split their time between filming their latest work and setting their next challenge, to the business leaders who travel the world promoting their brands, sharing their passion and notable charity work.

These individuals, who in some cases have gone from start-up to being highly successful, are today’s industry pace setters and role models.

In January edition we get to say ”Thank you” to eight of the most inspirational women who have graced the cover of MilliOnAir Global Magazine.

Lori Mixson

Lori was in our very first edition of MilliOnAir, she has become a very close friend and continues to inspire us all. We will be working with Lori again this year so watch this space…

”CMO with 20+ years of Marketing, Consulting, Public Relations and Branding expertise. Strong Political/Media/PR background, including working on Capitol Hill for Charlie Wilson-12-term Democratic United States Representative from Texas’s 2nd congressional district. Often referred to as Charlie’s Last Angel.”

View July 2016 HERE    Connect with Lori HERE

Celia Sawyer

Celia was in our August issue, we met her in her plush Mayfair office and were blown away how wonderful and down to earth she is. We can’t wait to catch up with her again in 2018.

”Starting with her own small project 25 years ago, Celia went on to design residential properties in London. Celia Sawyer Luxury Interiors, is now in its 20th year, designing luxury residential homes, superyachts, aviation, commercial properties and projects in the leisure industry worldwide. Celia is a member of the Society of British and International Interior Design and an official judge for the International Property Awards and the International Hotel Awards.”

View August 2016 HERE   Connect with Celia HERE

Ange Loughran

Ange inspired us all here at MOA and it was all with her online creative skills and business savvy ways, she will always have a place in our hearts and in MOA.

”I started my first business aged 23 without planning it, without thinking it up, it just happened.

Here I am some 16 years later, still building businesses, and to this day, I’m yet to close or sell one. (You wait, the next update will be “I sold my business by accident…”)

I’m the accidental entrepreneur, the unemployed business woman, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

View September 2016 HERE  Connect with Ange HERE

Niyc Pidgeon

We got her pink dress, we got her book and we got her on the front cover…yay! We love you NIYC!

”As a Positive Psychologist and Success Coach, I’m on a mission to help a million women change their lives using positive psychology by the year 2020.

I’m a Brit based out of Los Angeles, and I proudly travel the world speaking, coaching, and helping awesome women live lives of joy, personal power, and unstoppable success.”

View November 2016 HERE Connect with Niyc HERE

Jenny Q. Ta

What more can we say about Jenny? Read her story…She is just a true inspiration to us all.

”Jenny Q. Ta is a veteran Wall Street self-made millionaire and seasoned entrepreneur with two successful ventures to her credit. She was the Founder and CEO of Titan Securities, a full-service broker-dealer and investment banking firm that was acquired in 2005. Prior to founding Titan Securities she was the driving force behind Vantage Investments, a full-service broker-dealer she founded in 1998-99 at the age of 27 and grew to a quarter of a billion dollars in assets.”

View December 2016 HERE Connect with Jenny HERE

Michelle Mone

Millie, Editor in Chief of MOA has been a huge follower of Michelle for years and when MOA was launched in 2016 Michelle was the 1st person on her list to interview. …”You get what you wish for.”

”Lady Mone, Baroness of Mayfair OBE, is one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and global speakers.

Awarded an OBE in 2010 by Her Majesty the Queen for her outstanding contribution to UK business, Michelle was then inducted to the House of Lords in 2015.”

View August 2017 HERE  Connect with Michelle HERE

Vanessa Brady

We were over the moon when we got to interview Vanessa, she is amazing, talented and such a wonderful person.

We were over the moon when we got to interview Vanessa, she is amazing, talented and such a wonderful person.

”Vanessa is an international multi-award winning Interior Designer, Business Consultant and Founder of the Society of British and International Design. Vanessa has amassed an award winning portfolio including projects such as Hard Rock Cafe, the Design Council, Kabaret Club, British Luxury Club, Unilever, high security government offices and many more.”

View October 2017 HERE    Connect with Vanessa HERE

Jacqui Miller- Charlton

We have met Jacqui a few times, she is a ”wonder business woman!” Watch out for her at the Newcastle Film Festival in 2018!

”A business professional with over 34 years of operational experience. Active leadership in the areas of sales, marketing, brand creation, commercial negotiation, business development and international growth strategy.

Main Board Director and Shareholder of Miller international limited, one of the leading privately owned global attachment manufacturers supplying the worlds largest construction machinery brands.”

View December 2017 HERE  Connect with Jacqui HERE

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