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Aliza Reger is the daughter of the lingerie entrepreneur Janet Reger who changed the way women looked at underwear. Since her mothers death in 2005 Aliza has run the company taking it from strength the strength. 

Here Aliza met up with MilliOnAir Beauty editor Steven Smith to chat about her love of lingerie.

Do you worry with so much news of sexual harassment of women in the news that woman will stop wanting to look sexy?

No I don’t – my lingerie is not about the sexualisation of women, it is about feeling good about yourself and being empowered. A beautiful set of well fitting lingerie under an outfit will improve your mood, posture, fit of the outerwear and your self esteem – My mother Janet, who founded the Brand some 50 years ago said women’s liberation is not about burning your bra or making yourself as unattractive as possible, it is about being independent, earning your own income and making your life decisions and life choices. And looking fabulous!

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You company dressed Joan Collins in ”The Stud,” what other famous woman have adorned your under-wear?

The list of fabulous and famous women who have worn Janet Reger lingerie is really long roll call of high achieving women from the past and present 50 years to include royalty, aristocracy and the world of pop, Hollywood and celebrity…. Princess Margaret, princess Diana, Princess Michael of Kent to name but a few British royals – many royals from the Gulf States, Princess Grace of Monaco, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Madonna, Tina Turner, Cher, Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, All the Mrs Rod Stewarts, Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes, Sharon Stone Billie Piper, Keira Knighly, Joanna Lumley.

What would you say gives a woman class?

Class is not something you can buy or easily achieve. It’s the way you hold yourself, it is a confidence and an understatement. More is definitely not more when it comes to being classy! Class is a poise and a grace, elegance and sophistication of both manner and appearance. Classy female icons – Audrey Hepburn and Catherine Deneuve!

You need a good sports bra when you are training at the gym and you also need a beautiful bra for special occasions. But would you wear a black lace bra to the gym? 

Absolutely not, and if you did, you shouldn’t. But going out for a lovely dinner with your husband, boyfriend, lover, would you wear a hideous sports bra? Absolutely not. Wear your lovely black lace bra.

Aliza’s Lingerie Hacks

Always wear matching bra and knickers

Always wear the correct size

Always wear the right underwear or lingerie for the moment

Always wear clean underwear, this is a deal breaker. Bras are not worn worn for another day and knickers most definitely are not

Always wear a sports bra in the gym or for any sporting activities. My pet hate is seeing women in the gym flopping all over the place

Have all different types of lingerie and underwear in your drawers, different clothes need different functionality

Buy new lingerie regularly and get a proper fitting at least once a year, Debenhams have a great fitting service in their lingerie departments

If you need a little treat, buy new lingerie as it won’t cost as much as an entire new outfit but will still give you the same buzz

Some bras are worn to be seen, some are not, those that should not be seen, should not be seen

Be careful of massively padded bras which promise to boost your cup size by at least 3 cup sizes, often it’s not a good look.

You say that you like your daughter to be more demure in her style, do you feel that young people today have over stepped the mark when it comes to dress?

Actually, I did not say this, I was misquoted! However I do tell my daughter and maintain the way you dress and present yourself is how you will be perceived and possibly judged. I believe we are living in an age where we are free from dress codes and constraints which is a good thing but there must also be an element of common sense! It is surely not sensible to be walking home alone late at night wearing a very short shirt and heels! We do need to be aware of our personal safely.

If you want to be taken seriously for a high powered position in a financial institution, rocking up in ripped jeans and a tshirt might not do you any favours, likewise a high fashion outfit will stand you in good stead for a job in the fashion world . I have always told my daughter to be aware of how she dresses as she needs to be aware not everyone in the world is kind or even safe to be around. I do believe we also carry a level of responsibility for our safety but that does NOT mean we have to dress in ugly badly fitting clothes down to our ankles!

Who would you most like in the public eye to wear your lingerie? 

Easy! Meghan Markle, Duchess of Cambridge and Aman Clooney, Georgia Toffolo, Billie Piper, Joanna Lumley, Helen Mirren

If you had to advise Meghan Markle on what to wear for her wedding night or any bride what would you tell them? 

I would advise any bride to choose something that she loves, that she wouldn’t ordinarily wear, pick something super special and spend more than she normally would and make sure it fits beautifully.

 Have you any tips for looking after your tights / stockings? 

Put them into a separate zip washing bag and wash in the machine on a delicate 30degree wash and don’t put them into the tumble dryer.

What is your must have beauty product?

This is a really hard question as I am a complete cosmetics and beauty products junkie – I love the beauty dept at Debenhams and thank god for the beauty card as I am able to treat myself occasionally to a little extra something – I certainly couldn’t go out the house without lipstick ! Even an early morning gym session requires a quick application of lipstick!! I love a good face creme and fundamentally have faith in ‘hope in a jar’ mascara is a must have but probably my Clarisonic was a game changer!

 What do you like a man to wear underwear wise?

As I have been with my husband for over 25 years, I need to keep this one specific – good quality boxer shorts with some Lycra for fit – Zimmerli, Calvin Klein, Derick Rose and Ralph Lauren make really good men’s underwear. I love a fine stretch cotton in white, navy or black.

 What do you feel makes a good businesswoman or man? 

Thinking outside the box, a ‘we can do this’ attitude and the ability to look at things from a different angle. A positive attitude – A good business woman/ man needs to be open to ideas, have vision and imagination and have the ability to listen to others. Self control and discipline are good traits along with plenty of flair. My father taught me to always let the other person earn too and prompt payment of bills is not only the mark of a classy business person, but is also polite.

Many thanks Aliza, what a wonderful interview and full of amazing helpful advice and inspiration.

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