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MilliOnAir June

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MlliOnAir is two years old HOW exciting!!!! It was two years ago that our launch issue landed on the computer screens, ipads and other mobile devices around the world and since then we have grown and launched a whole family of MilliOnAir fans worldwide. So we will be celebrating in true MOA style later this month with an exclusive event.

So many exciting adventures are happening in the world right now, movies, tours, art events, weddings, book launches and they are all showcased here in this month’s edition!

We are excited to announce we have a new page with the stunning supermodel Heather Stewart-Whyte.

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Marcella Martinelli showcases the Delux Edit pages with so many stunning items of jewellery to choose from.

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We have our sights set on a couple of books this month, #Positivity by Phil Hellmuth who truly is #Positive…

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Also Chris Divecchio’s new power book The 5 x2 Method which has the ability to dramatically reduce stress, inspire a more optimistic outlook on life and will open your eyes to things that have been hiding in plain sight, by revealing the power of your senses.

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The fashion and the brands behind the wedding of the year Meghan Markle and Prince Harry which we are so excited about.

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We must give a HUGE thanks to Clive Arrowsmith who photographed our beautiful cover star Liv Tyler this month as well as so many superb shots of beautiful people inside. As well as another HUGE thanks to Marcella Martinelli our Cover Editor for organising it all.

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by Marcella Martinelli

A storyteller of our time, an acclaimed fashion and celebrity photographer, Clive Arrowsmith is also often described as the master of light and like the gifted artist Caravaggio’s style of painting, which is easily recognisable for the intense chiaroscuro method, Clive has a remarkable talent for conveying his vision in his images and making you experience the dramatic contrast between darkness and light which creates a dramatic, timeless and somehow darkly romantic mood.

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Having studied painting and design in Wales he then attended Kingston College of Art and subsequently painted for a couple of years. Consumed by his art, Clive does not take his craft lightly and it is always an intense and exhilarating experience to work with him, fun, creative and sometimes, extraordinary, all in a good way.

When I received a call from him in early 2000 to work on various shoots for ”How to Spend It” Magazine, the monthly supplement of the Financial Times, showcasing luxury and fabulous fashion, it was without hesitation that I jumped at the chance to create some iconic images with him and during our time of working together I experienced first-hand how Clive executes his style of photography that gave “How to Spend It” the luxurious feel contributing to what it has become today.

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A gifted man, Clive is able to see behind the light, a raconteur who loves to make people laugh with his many tales while intensely pursuing his work with a dedication for perfection and beauty. If ever there was a photographer that can be described as a narrator of moods and colours it would be Clive Arrowsmith.

His approach to everyday life and the execution of his photography is wrapped around a harmonious yet turbulent energy, generous with his creativity and never shy about helping young talent achieve their dreams with his original ideas and wise words.

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Clive has created quintessential photographs throughout the years in fashion, music and advertising for the likes of American Vogue with the talented Grace Coddington, contributing to the glossy pages of French Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar. His subjects include David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Michael Caine, Prince Charles and iconic fashion figures such as Yves Saint Laurent amongst many others. He has also taken portraits of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, several times and he is the only photographer to have shot the Pirelli calendar two years in succession with a theme of “Heroines” and “ Chinese Astrology, he is also the author of two fascinating books,

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“ Arrowsmith” showcasing beautiful unseen fashion photography and “ LS Lowry a unique selection of unpublished pictures, which capture the atmosphere in which the painter lived and worked.

His photographs are like paintings with a rebellious streak and maybe one sentence could sum up his work perfectly, in the words of Francis Bacon

‘In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present’.








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