POSITIVITY as we head towards the last part of the year, I have to say looking back has been really tough to conjure up at times and the ride has been long especially with losing loved ones and making decisions which have been extremely challenging in my work and personal life.

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The journey and experience has certainly led me back to a place of wanting to align myself and concentrate of what is important, what is real and what is worth pursuing as a #creative and as a #humanbeing and It was whilst at one of my lowest points when Millie Cooper creator of #Millionairmagazine invited me to take part in their #Positivity section with #PhilHellmuth where they asked a series of questions (which took me some time to answer) but after doing so made me realise how much I had allowed myself and parts of my life to become yet again, unmanageable, disorientated and distracted by my getting in my own way and allowing some others and my own #Ego to take me away from what is truly important.

So here’s not only that interview but the link to this months magazine which I hope you will look to #subscribe and I hope that what is written allows others to know there is always #Positivity near by. Thanks for reading and supporting and please feel free to share. #Gratitude #BeYou #ThisTooShallPass www.milli-on-air.com #Positivity

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