Shopyte – Elegance On The Runway

Shopyte SS20

Stylish looks and a great philosophy, sustainable label Shopyte brought both to the London Fashion Week runway. The pared back ethos that is a huge part of the design focus was matched with sharp tailoring and classic decisive lines that could of seemed harsh if not softened by the fabrics and tones of the fabrics. 

Despite the austere cut of the patterns the looks not just flowed but floated, evocative of the time of year where spring gives way to summer and the sunny days start to feel like the new season as the breeze feels warm as it wraps around you. 

It’s a full collection as well the more casual looks are matched with suiting and dresses, you could arrive without luggage somewhere and Shopyte would be able to keep you looking fab, fresh and fantastic until the trees start to drop their leaves as the season comes to an end. 

Speaking of trees, if the sustainable fabrics and classic looks were not enough to entice you towards the label, how about each garment purchased means a tree donated to OneTreePlanted if purchased through their site. 

I have a motto that the best fashion should look good, feel good and do good, and Shopyte hit all three of those. 

Find them at 

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