Sensational 70’s, Katie Ann McGuigan

Katie Ann McGuigan SS20

By Ross Pollard, Emerging Designers Editor

Patchwork perfection, the latest London Fashion Week collection from Katie Ann McGuigan is a bright and bold tribute to the 1970’s inspired by the roller rinks and disco music of the United States.

Its a celebration of vivacious colours and multi-layered fabrics coming together in a set of creatively stunning looks.

You’d have to have a heart of glass (sorry couldn’t resist a 70’s music ref) not to have seen this and fallen in love with the floral prints and squared patterns of the collection. It’s very clever in the composition of the clashes, a skill that many try and few master, but this is a collection where McGuigan has absolutely nailed it.

There is a juxstaposition between the lightness of the scrarves and dresses that mixes with the heavier leathers and wools that add dimensions of interest. The perfect roller rink date night outfit is channelled here, turn up looking sharp in a more form fitted outer look, and as you grab you giant slurpee and head to the counter for a pair of skates the flowing and billowy looks can be released.

It’s easy to imagine how much fun these outfits inspire, the sense of fun as you dance, spin and whirl in time to Blondie, Bowie and Earth, Wind & Fire hand in hand with your beau.

The sense of energetic abandon is realised in the strong use of colour , especially in the fuchsias, burnt oranges and pastel set blues. Tones that could almost have been selected from the acetate gel covered lights bouncing off the mirror ball that were an absolute must for any skate rink in that most iridescent of decades.

This season saw a huge shift from designers showing at London Fashion Week towards enjoyment, fun and an almost giddy delight, and I am here for that, and of course as it’s a roller rink, the cheese fries and root beers.

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