Pretty Green X Umbro, A Perfect Collaboration

Model in umbro top
Pretty Green X Umbro

By Ross Pollard – Emerging Designers Editor

The 1990’s, Britpop, Hooch, CK One and a teenage lad making his way in the world, playing football every week in his his football boots and getting changed to the sounds of Definitely Maybe belting out in the changing room, and so it was a love of both Umbro & Oasis was born.

Jump forward, cough, 20 years almost and an email lands in a fashion editors inbox that brought all those happy memories crashing back in a warm wave of nostalgia, the email was annoucing the collaboration of Pretty Green, previous owner one Liam Gallagher and Umbro, remember the boots, always Umbro.

They’ve worked together on an capsule collection that channels the best of 90’s sportswear but feels very of the now. it’s channelling that era with style and aplomb across the t-shirts, track pants, training tops and my personal fave the drill tops.

Sportswear has moved on from functional training kit to part of our every day wardrobe, sometimes at the expense of style but like The Stone Roses, Pulp and Elastica these are looks that have aged well. Be sure to catch them while you still can.

Find the collection here

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