Getting Ready For London Fashion Week Mens With 1×1 Studio

By Ross Pollard – Emerging Fashion Editor

It’s only a couple of weeks until London Fashion Week Mens and I caught up with 1×1 Studio the London based Taiwanese designers who will host an on schedule presentation at the British Fashion Council show piece for menswear in Shoreditch.

You’re showing on Day One of LFWM, how are you preparing for the show?

I always start from the collection and inspiration first, once when the designs of the collection, artworks and colour pallet have came out, it’s easier to expand the show details from there and have everything for the show on the same page in the end.

The presentation is on the 4th of January, does the event being so close to the Christmas holidays cause issues with preparations?

Yes, it does,  people who would work with us start going on holiday even earlier than Christmas, So we try to get our team been confirmed more than a month before the show, most people from this industry are not really used to this including me.

Can you give us any hints on what we might see this time?

Desire and Love^^

You’re last collection involved corn as the starting point for some of the textiles, and you are known for having a bio-degradable collection that will eventually mulch into the soil instead of just filling up landfill for decades, have you buried any garments yet? 

Yes! In the garden of my friend’s house, we will need to wait for 5 years to see the magic happen though.

Its been a fast rise since I first saw you show in Ones To Watch back in Feb to Fashion Week fixtures, how have you coped with such fast growth?

We always try our best to keep something original, enjoying what we are doing and feeling thankful all the time to everyone who supports us and has given us opportunities to grow in this industry.

We last bumped into each other at an LFW show, do you enjoy seeing other designers and does it help you to see what else is happening in the industry?

Yes, I do really enjoy seeing other designers’ show, it makes it clearer to me know what is going on from every brand and the feeling from the audience. It is really helpful for me to improve next show. 

When you show, how do you go about model casting and picking the hair and make up?

Model, Hair and Make up, basically its who has the same vibe with the Mood Board of the season and brand images, also discussion and ideas with an experienced stylist.

Do you get pre-show nerves?

Haha, If I haven’t finished the collection before the show, I would be very nervous, but if it all looks fine to be on time to finish, I will feel like I’m ready to enjoy the show.

Where would be your dream show venue?

Paris Grand Palais lol

Your from Taiwan, and as regular readers will know I love the island, I also love the night markets for food, which thing do you always eat there?

My favorite is STINKY TOFU*! hahah

*a very pungent but tasty fermented tofu that is available everywhere in Taiwan

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