PushButton – They Pushed All The Right Ones

By Ross Pollard – Emerging Designers Editor

Bright, bold and eye catching, the collection South Korean designer Seung Gun has created for Spring Summer 2020 is one that is both eye popping and interesting. The use of colour creates a happiness and joy from it’s at times day-glo nature, no time for sombre here, that just radiates a happiness and warmth that like the growing length of days will warm you more and more.

Alongside the striking hues, there is also a controlled eccentricity in the shape and cutting, materials clipped out in unusual places, trouser length not just trimmed on the bias, but mixing the short trouser on one side with ankle hugging length on the other, add in flourishes of extra materials dotted here and there in a structural detail and you have looks that while far from traditional are built in a playful way that shows off the tailoring skill of the designer.

When you take shape and form and twist and tease it, the quality and skill in production must be there, and Seung Gun is a master of construction. But make no mistake this isn’t a collection that is all show and no substance, the more off kilter looks are incredibly functional and fit perfectly alongside the more know silhouettes we’re used to.

The collection screams young woman with a sense of both panache and style, this is a collection that contextualises the abstract and avant garde within the parameters of the wearable. This was also conveyed in the styling, while there were pushes towards the artistic presentation, a closer look will show that each look is street ready, and the street they will grace is a lucky street. Every single one of these looks is an absolute delight from first to last.

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