Coco de Mer – On The New Frontier Of Luxury

For those of us of a certain vintage, we grew up in different times, different social patterns and different accessibility to the joy of sexuality. The illicit thrill of embracing your inner desires was a sheltered and discreet act. That facade of puritanism has been rightly shattered in the last few years by the belief that we should be more open about those desires and needs, whether through books about undiscovered pleasures, TV shows examining how we want to explore our intimate needs or in retail where the emergence of stores that sell sexy in a whole new way.

People talk of the sexual revolution of the late 60’s and early 70’s, but we’ve had another in the last decade or so, and into that space stepped Coco de Mer, a luxury label founded in 2001 that through it’s own retail store and concessions in places such has Selfridges has brought a new twist to many an evening for consumers and has even been worn by Bella Hadid.

The brand which has also recently been working with Waris Dirie to tackle FGM and gender inequality has created a collection of simple yet feminine looks that are launching this week and have taken powerful women such as Frida Kahlo as the inspiration. Lucy Litwack, CEO of Coco de Mer said of the launch . . .

““We are really excited to be launching our Muse by Coco de Mer collection for SS20. It’s wonderful to be able to welcome a new customer to be a part of the brand experience – women who are independent, self-assured and powerful in their own right. Muse has been in the pipeline for some time, and I’m delighted to finally see it come to life.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the full collection at the launch party.

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