Rocky Star – The Party Starter

“We always keep the glamour, we always keep the shine and the elements of being sexy,

“We always keep the glamour, we always keep the shine and the elements of being sexy, I wanted to bring some of myself, I love black and it’s always been a part of every collection I’ve done. I wanted to get away from the print and everything and show the colour and myself”.  

I’m backstage with Rocky Star the legendary Indian designer, his warm smile spread wide across his face as he excitedly answers my questions about his show that finished moments before. It’s his second show since he took a season off and once more he’s following his own path of glitz, glam and fun that has enraptured the crowd.

The break has been good for Rocky, you can feel the energy pouring from him, his spark and verve have been dialled up, while he has always produced collections that brought the party to the shop or runway, that has now been paired with a sense of drama, or theatre that adds a sensual and deeper edge to the looks.

It’s always good to have a change but keep your philosophy intact, you always have your roots intact in each collection . . . I wanted it to be more serious as a fashion designer and showcase pieces which are more sellable and wearable”.  

Star has been maturing as a designer, but also as a label owner, part of the growth has been the expansion of the business, when he made his Millionair debut a while back it was just after opening his first bar, but since the the Rocky Star bubble has grown hugely, and is well on the way to becoming one of the best lifestyle brands in India, clients will truly be able to live in a Rocky Star world in the near future.

Spending time with the designer you begin to see that rather than being crushed as a designer, his variety is what has become his muse, his reason to pic up the pen, it’s interesting that while for a lot of designers there is a tangible struggle between business and design, for him it really is energising.

I opened a bar a year ago and I have another opening in Dehli, I also launched a skincare brand a couple of days back, as a creative person I like to translate my creativity into different things so last year we launched our homeware line, I think there is so much else for a creative person to do not just clothes, I’m working all the time”. 

However, his last words will surprise nobody!!!

“I think there is a lot more to do, there is so much more I want to do, to open a hotel, to open a nightclub”. 

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