How Are Fashion Folk Staying Positive

Words By Ross Pollard – Emerging Designers Editor

As the world can seem a pretty bleak place at the moment I began to think about what I could do to create a space that felt happy positive and welcoming, a space where people could share the things they love that are getting them through this period, the activities they are planning to get up to or the changes they are making to move forward, and so I reached out to my network of fashion folk, and so starts a series of posts that are light bright and full of love for the world around us, that may give hope, ideas or inspiration along the way, and of course even the odd pet!!!

Loveness Lee – The Art Of Photography

I wanted to share my love for Photography. As a jewellery designer/maker, self-isolation at home means I won’t be able to access my workshop that’s located at my store. I have to shift my focus to build an even better online presence. Photography has become a tool that I can utilise at home. Taking photos of my jewellery and posting them on social media to keep my followers entertained and tighten my community!

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Diana Cavagnaro – Keeping Busy

I only let myself watch the News once a day to avoid stress and do fun things during the day like archery ( I have an archery target in my backyard), making mosaic pavers to go around my rose garden, playing the flute & piano, walking my dog 2 miles a day, and teaching my dog, Lambchop new tricks.

I also work on my millinery business making hats in my studio which is very gratifying. I feel that making & creating beautiful things adds a positive energy to my life and keeps me calm and centred.

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Thanks to our first two designers, we’ll be back in the next few days with more feel good content, in the meantime tell us what you’ve been doing to relax?

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