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Following our first look at how fashion folk are staying positive, filling their time and working through this troubled period we bring you our second installment of their thoughts and ideas.

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PK Bijoux – Spring cleaning
Obviously I am working on jewellery and leather caps etc., but I love home decor and I have been looking through my home and changing things up. Put different bedding on for Spring versus winter. I have taken some decor pieces down or moved to different areas. Just changing the look and feel of the home to perk things up. Cleaning out closets and organizing drawers. I’m big on organizing and I’m always organizing my work space and my material cases.

These are the main things helping me move through the time and be productive. Also when I get a bit down, I watch Frankie and Grace or Modern Family on Netflix. Film Love Actually always gives me hope. So I organize inside of the drawers with clear containers / label the drawers and containers to make it easier to find. Organization makes my materials easier to find when I’m in crazy creative mode. Which is almost 24 hours a day 😉

You can find out more about PK Bijoux in our recent interview with her here and Instagram here.

Emile Vidal Carr – Electronic Music
As a hobby I make a lot of electronic music on my iMac, using Logic Pro X. It’s got loads of instrument sounds and synthesizers that allow you to sample and make your own sounds, so it’s a great way to pass the time as you can keep the creative juices flowing and the options are unlimited.

Find Emile on Instagram here

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