Staying In With Merve Bayindir

Continuing our series on how to manage the current situation, today we welcome Merve Bayindir, the London based Turkish Milliner.

I try to exercise every day for 20 minutes at home and give myself a day break for a walk keeping my distance as required to keep my spirit and body healthy. As a designer I am used to lock downs as that is the tradition for the preparation of every new collection. I have a small studio at home so I still keep working from home as much as I can, but in addition to all that I think this is the perfect time to try new things, experiment.  I mean let’s be honest, we all have watched the only a few minute tricks on YouTube, or we’ve watched that one video with that project that takes forever to make but never had the time to try it, I say do it.

Some friends of mine say they are not that talented; I believe it is not about the talent but more about the experience. You don’t have to showcase it, but it will give you a crazy pride of accomplishment. Well that is what I’m doing at least, and I learn something new every time.

Online socialising has been good for me, which to be honest I am not that good at, but I guess my followers are happy about it, I am going for older movies and TV shows, and as a huge Tim Burton fan I will start all his movies after my shows are over, right now I am at 9th season of Friends, and I plan on starting  “How I met your mother’ after that. Normally I’m a horror movie person, but I think these days light and fun stuff are better for the mood. I prefer to read articles, due to my psychology background I tend to catch up with new research etc when I have time and I know it sounds boring but I guarantee you it is not. The world is changing, society is changing and it is amazing to watch that change.

Last but not least even with the exercising we all know we are coming out of this with some more pounds on us… Well I am a practical eater in my daily life however I have been trying out all the recipes that I have been collecting over the years and not cooking, it turns out cooking risotto is not that hard, who knew? I have tried some Italian recipes, now I want to figure out these spring roll rice sheets. Did you know they are impossible to control and roll, they stick everywhere? However, I am sure I will come out of this as a pro even though I have not managed to do one without an accident yet.

I hope you spend this time by enjoying yourself, your loved ones and take this time to give it a go to all the stuff you wanted to do at home but never had the time. Stay home, experiment with new things at home and save lives while doing that.

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