Jean Shafiroff, Embracing Change

By Ross Pollard, Emerging Fashion Designers Editor

Continuing our series of how people in the fashion and wider industries are getting through the pandemic, today I caught up with Jean Shafiroff the
author “Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life by what you give” as well as being a board member of the Couture Council at the Fashion Institute Of Technolgy and working with charities such as the Southampton Animal Centre and The American Cancer Society.

Currently in my home, we are a large group of adults with 5 dogs – so keeping morale up is key, this means to be positive and encourage those around you. I’m very much a family woman at heart so supporting my family with whatever they need is vital, whilst working on the charities
that I serve keeps me focused and driven.

Physical activity is important. We allow ourselves the opportunity to walk in the neighbourhood whilst practicing social distancing. The fresh air does wonders for the body and allows us time
to think about good intentions and actions we can initiate on our return home, not to mention the benefits of Vitamin D from the sun.

Currently I am listening to “Exhale On Demand” which offer free exercise classes for the first month on the internet. I have been doing these a number of times a week and highly recommend them to everyone. They are available at all exercise levels and even have yoga and meditation classes available.

If travel was your thing then now is the perfect time to brush up on a foreign language through some of the language schools online. Rosetta Stone is available for free for the first 3 days. I am trying it out now and enjoying this opportunity to further my skill set. Cooking simple meals is therapeutic and can be something for the family to get involved in.
Each night we cook and eat together, something that previously wasn’t always a nightly occurrence with work and life commitments. Learning how to connect with those closest to you on new levels has been a bonding experience which I cherish right now.

If you are working please do so from home, I serve on several charity boards and we have phone meetings regularly. I cannot emphasise this enough, the sooner we isolate means the sooner we can all be together again.

Community spirit has never been more prevalent, there are ways we can all help one another.

Our local food pantry is not accepting volunteers because of concerns of spreading the virus but they are accepting donations which is what my family and I are doing. Be careful of scam groups and do your research before giving, most people are not making much money now but even the
smallest of donations are appreciated.

One of the greatest ways to be of help to friends and acquaintances is to show compassion. Go out of your way to reach out to those who you know are alone. Call them on the phone and speak with them, send them a lovely email, if you know you have an elderly neighbour call them on the phone and see if they need anything when you do your next grocery run. Show
that you care. Compassion for others is desperately needed.

We are all on social media so make sure you send out positive and helpful posts, maybe you have a discovered a great podcast, or a cooking shortcut, share these tips and tricks. I believe in the power of prayer, I encourage everyone to pray to your faith or power, the Almighty answers prayers.

Please do your best to stay positive. We will get through this.

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