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ZaZaBoom – by Coco | Ava | Mamma

We’d like to introduce you to an exciting new initiative called ZaZaBoom, a creative and philanthropic project which has been inspired by one family’s imposed isolation, as well as a gradual realisation that their priorities were sadly out of balance.

After some sound thought and examination we were able to boil our key life necessities down to health, family, friendships and the pursuit of our creative and philanthropic passions. We recognised early on that we would need to somehow channel our quarantine time into something that generated some level of joy, as well as a means to help others. Quite a tall order when we are all confined to our homes and unable to reach out and physically assist the vulnerable.
Having the hearts, minds and idealism of young children involved did accelerate our desire to do something that would also be meaningful to them, and something to look back on with positivity in these unnatural days.

The idea came together in a matter of hours and we decided to access the many fabrics in mum’s (Karen Brost) interior textile print archives, which she had been collecting for many years during her time as a fashion designer. A meter here, ascrap there: all the pieces of fabric had a renewed purpose and were lovingly up-cycled to become practical products with personality. All patterns, cutting and sewing is done in the dining room table by mum and 9 year old Coco and 6 year old Ava.
Just 1 week from the start, and ZaZaBoom Offiicial was live on all social media channels, as well as a dedicated YouTube channel. Within 4 days the weekly fundraising goal of £1000 was reached… and the first products were quickly snatched up and coveted by the fashion tribe, who wanted the couture face-masks.

Going forward, every week ZaZaBoom selects 8 NHS hero’s and sends them a luxury face-mask to lift their spirits, and 8 hand-made masks are also sent to the generous weekly donors on Facebook.
As Karen says: “we aim to generate as much joy and creativity as we can in these fearful and uncertain times, by creating new products up-cycling the old, and giving our time some valuable purpose”.
100% of everything make and created gets auctioned during the weekly online fundraising events.
All proceeds are then donated to the brave heroes of the NHS, all over the UK.

This ZaZaBoom story was born out of pure positivity and resilience, during the lockdown in London.
“We drew a pattern and tried to make the first face mask, and before we knew it the entire dining room had turned into a workshop getting a production line set up. Ideas are now pouring out into lots of other products, which will be promoted for the fund-raiser every week”.
So, spread the love; not the virus.

Check out @ZazaBoom for updates on Instagram :ZazaBoom story

Facebook for the fundraiser ZazaBoom fundraiser on Facebook

“One families’ relentless pursuit of generating joyful and creative distractions and products with purpose, showing resilience and gratitude during these dark and uncertain times.”

Fundraiser for NHS scrubs. 

As we all know there is a real shortage of Scrubs for the NHS. As of next week we will be manufacturing them and giving them directly to the doctors and nurses in the front line. 

Please give what you can and share this post.

If you or someone you know is in need of Scrubs please email me from the Go Fund Me page.


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