KNITSS – Spinning an incredible yarn

When you think of Turkey, what comes to mind, is it warm weather, long beaches, fabulous food or the hustle and bustle of markets, I doubt for many it’s fashion that would be the first thought. Well it should be, and over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a deep dive into Turkish fashion and bringing you some of the best designers both East and West of the Bosporus.

The Turkish fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and anyone who was at the last round of fashion weeks will know the vanguard of designers making their name in textiles is growing and growing so where better to start than with Duygu Boz, the founder and designer at KNITSS, and her stunning collection of wool based sports-luxe that brings a youthful and edgy re-imaging to a traditional fabric.

By Ross Pollard – Emerging Fashion Designers Editor

Playing with colour and shape each collection is the epitome of mix and match, and the interchangeability of the garments is a precursor to the concept of sustainability and ethics that runs right through the brand. By being able to build out a collection, KNITSS fans are ushered away from fast fashion and into the much better for the planet viewpoint that clothes should last, they should be reusable and re-workable as outfits, its a concept that more of us should embrace.

I can’t help but feel a little in love with the looks.

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