Style and Sustainability

‘Style’ and ‘sustainability’ two words that were once never spoken in the same breath will always be two words that compliment each other in MilliOnAir.

Our talented team has scoured the globe to bring you the ‘best of the best’ but never at the expense of ensuring the products and people showcased endure and remain true to both style and sustainability.

The show stopping colours of this season are stunning as we enter Autumn and will last long beyond.

I simply adore Ruby’s article and who better on the planet to teach how to have beautiful ‘Feline Eyes’ and get make-up ready in our new mask wearing world.

Once again Marcella Martinelli showcases many beautiful objects of desire in ‘My Personal Luxuries’ And our stunning cover model, Megan Williams – international model and entrepreneur – where does she find the time to do both! Look out for her new brand HUNU, you will want one.

Who can do anything but fall in love with Camilla Elphick’s footwear… so beautiful and so on trend.

Being a lover of footwear my eyes were glued to all the beautiful boots from Alexander McQueen, whether ankle or thigh high I worship them all.

Finally, when you dive into this Autumn Edition please spend some extra time reading and supporting Sandy Powell OBE, a legend of costume design in the film industry and Oscar stalwart. She is selling many pieces from her personal wardrobe with all of the proceeds going to Refuge to support victims of domestic abuse… let’s all do our best to support Sandy in her quest and the help the survivors of this terrible aspect of life.

Enjoy and indulge right HERE

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