Piaget Wings of Light

By Marcella Martinelli

Piaget’s High Jewellery Collection  
Wings of Light, comprised of three chapters, inviting you on a joyous journey to a fantasy land filled with colour & wonder.  

Let’s start with Enchanted Flight 
which transcend precision and perfection, we soar with the Piaget Bird on its flight of imagination and inventiveness through the tropics, to reach a tranquil oasis of wonder and harmony. 

We follow with Magnificent Haven 
As our journey continues across glistening lands we reach a magnificent oasis and come to rest in an enchanted clearing. Beyond cascading rivers of blue, fierce waters become quiet pools. 
This is a place of rest and refuge, where the colour of the water reflects and sooths us into a gentle state of calm. 

Last but not least we have Ecstatic Dance 
Rested and revived, it is time to celebrate the wonders of this world, as the sun sinks into a golden glow, the colours of its setting bathing all in a rosy richness of golds and pinks. Across the painted landscape, rainbow colours begin to illuminate the night, washing everything they touch with a magical richness.

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