A healthier and energised body

A healthier and energised body with Ana Trida.

Bringing together Lymphatic Drainage & Modelling Massage, the Ana Trida Therapist’s Method is a mix of health benefits. This method improves the body as a whole, a great combination of manual Lymphatic Drainage technique that stimulates the Lymphatic System to work better and is intended to eliminate the excess liquids, toxins, strengthen the immune system, and increase tissue oxygen, also improving circulation by specific movements which uses a gentle pressure to reduce fluid retention, and then followed through precise manoeuvres of Modelling Massage, executed firmly and quickly which can improve cellulitis, regenerate the tissues, relax the muscles, improve the skin appearance, and overall tones the body.

Lymphatic Drainage is a treatment that should be part of your routine, you can do weekly, for example, or twice a week, depending on fluid retention, bloating, toxicity and discomfort.
If the idea is also to relax, don’t worry, you will come out extraordinarily relaxed and lighter of the session.

The result is a healthier and energised body detoxified of impurities. 

Ana Trida is a Brazillian Nurse with over 15 years’ experience and extremely passionate about Lymphatic Drainage. She started her career working in Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation. That was when she pursued her first Postgraduate Degree in Oncology at the Prestigious Hospital of Cancer in São Paulo. 

She worked at renowned hospitals in Brazil and for nine years at Red’ Or São Luiz in São Paulo. During this experience, she learned the other side of a Lymphatic System, when it is already compromised, so she became an expert in this system and the kind of issues it can bring when not working well.  After years working with Oncology, she decided to get a  second Postgraduate Degree in Aesthetics focusing on Lymphatic Drainage. 

After the birth of her second child, Ana decided to leave the Hospital to have better schedules to reconcile with the new lifestyle as a mother of two and professional. While trying to get back to body shape, she felt comfortable with this treatment: the Lymphatic Drainage completely changed her life. 

At this point, with her second Postgraduate Degree in Aesthetics, she began to work attending patients in post Cosmetic Surgery doing in-home visits, as the Lymphatic Drainage is essential for recovery and offers faster healing in these cases.

After all these years of experience in Brazil, she moved to London with her family and then became a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, working as a Specialist ever since.

“I love Lymphatic Drainage simply because returns health to your body, and it gets you immediate results.”

– Ana Trida.




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