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Old Truman Brewery, London 28th January 2021. Eden Loweth Presents his Autumn Winter 2021 designs during the Art School London Catwalk Show as part of London Fashion Week AW21. © Chris Yates

“Changing the goal posts. The markers of how real people, real voices can be represented in this industry” – Eden Loweth

How does change come about, it’s something I often find myself asking, can it generate itself, is it a led movement, or one in which the needed changes create the leaders from necessity? One thing is for certain, Art School is the most wonderful paradox of this question, undoubtedly a leader in the fashion industry, a constant presence in the challenging of the old ideas, but by showcasing values and ideas that act like a beacon to those the label feels like home to. Home may be a unique choice of words, but over the last few years being the keen and inquisitive writer that I am, I’ve listened at shows and whenever the label is discussed and recognise the words in which those who flock to the label describe it. It’s the lexicon of belonging, and that is something more powerful than mere fabric can ever be.

I have this adage that clothes without personality are just textiles, and in the designs of Art School we see the birth of renewed identities, the space to be whatever you want to be, the rejection of labels and instead the replacement of love, self development and community.

“Ascension is designed to act as more than a collection of clothes. It is a message of hope. No matter how hard the challenges our community may face, we will emerge from the darkness. Together we will rise”.

Now I know that many of you would of though t this would of been a review of a collection, but we have photo’s for that, and it is a BRILLIANT collection, but what lies beyond the instant gratification of a runway is more important, once the lights dip, the feet shuffle off or in these strange days the ink is closed what remains is a truth, what does this collection, this label, this designer stand for, and it’s clear what Art School stands for is hope, a beacon in the darkness, a set of values that act like a lighthouse and that is more important than any description of a hemline I could ever write here.

Ross Pollard – Emerging Designers Fashion Editor

Photographs – Chris Yates

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