Hanacha Studios – Where History Meets Modernism

Hanacha Studio isn’t like most fashion labels, there is a context that goes beyond the visual, the references of the political sciences loom large in the creative process. This season for example is a conversation based not only in the elegant and bordering formal tailoring on display, but also one of the class system, the struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoise, an interesting jumping off point in any fashion conversation. One that lies at the heart of the system, the maker and the wearer are bound together in this same relationship in some many places in fashion.

Could it be that one cannot exist without the other, that like all the helix’s that create life within us, the proletariat are symbiotically bound to those with the pocket book to afford their crafts and efforts, now these may well be my own opinions, but fashion is all about opinion, trend reports are someone telling people what to think, style is telling people what to think of someone. The duality of fashion is there in almost every conversation and the way in which Hanacha Studio is intertwining narrative with meaning can only be good for the industry. One of the things I’ve found most joyous about the digital fashion weeks has been this additional space and form the designers have been given, this film, one of many on the Fashion Scout site have allowed us a peak into the minds of creatives in a way we never would of had. Yes it may have made my job slightly different, usually I’m the story teller, but as we rethink the way designers present their collections, we also have to rethink how we create a new linear relationship with the changes as media and consumers.

The world is changing, and so must our relationship with it.

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