Constanzia Yurashko, Passage Through Time

When you work in monochrome, you draw an image of austerity, of a different view point that rejects the familiar comfort of colour and lays all bare before you. And so it is I find myself exploring the notion of the starkness that pervades the latest collection of designer Constanzia Yurashko, but do not mistake stark for bleak, because in the definitive sharpness of the design there is power, and there is beauty.

These are concepts that mirror the reality of the world, it can be dark and appear harsh, but adjust your view point and you’ll see that every line, every shape, every movement around us is crafted with an eye to the extraordinary. Here we see Constanzia Yuroshko at the very best of these concepts, at times almost Victorian, but at others truly modern, tailoring for the new decade that has a nod to the later years of the 19th century, it’s very clever.

Whether in the form of a jacket or the placing of a ruffle it’s clear each twist, turn or seam is considered, constructed with an eye to the immaculate, the unseen hand of the designer reaches beyond the studio and shapes each garment in the wild, and that is something I will always have a love for.

Ross Pollard – Emerging Designers Fashion Editor

Photos by: Viktoria Viprada @viprada
Film Direction: @nikitin_film
Composer: Ilya Beshevli @beshevli
Models: @avilionmodels
Hair: @elenaradionova_beautyexpert
MUA: @kseniakuptsova_art
Concept & Style: @constanzia.yurashko

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