RE/DONE – Creating The New By Fixing The Old

The RE/DONE SS22 collection has launched featuring a tribute to classic heritage of vintage Americana and focusing on the make do and end philosophy of the decades the label is inspired by. Using individual repairs, patches and fixes the collection offers up a view of how fashion can learn from the past.

Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur continue to push the sustainability of their label to new heights, this season 32 of the 35 denim washes meet the low environmental impact measurement score, a new record for their productions.

Each look dips into the playful long hot summers of the classic image of America, soda fountains, gleaming bumpers of leviathan like cars on sun kissed Main Street. The period is oft imitated in fashion but with RE/DONE the era is treated with care and reverence to add beauty to the ethics of the collection.

One look at you’ll want to wear it while riding your Schwinn bike down to the drug store for a root beer float.

By Ross Pollard

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