Bethany Williams – The Hands That Heal Us

The primary focus of this collection are the many hands that touch our clothing throughout
the making process, through the integration of artisanal and hand-crafted elements, in the
form of weaving, knitting, printing, patchworking and embroidery. The life of each garment
delicately passes through the hands of our intricate supply chain, and for that we feel
immense gratitude to our makers, our tools and our team that surrounds us – Bethany Williams

For this collection Bethany Williams has looked to grow the completeness of the wardrobe by focusing on the must haves for any individuals needs, working with organic and natural materials mixed with reclaimed deadstock and unwanted fabrics to produce a collection that is steeped in the values the label is built on.

Mixing more earthy tones with pops of colour, the garment shapes play with a industrial work wear theme that includes utility and function placed center stage this season, while elements such as outerwear continue to be a growing presence following the trend of last season.

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