IA London – Beautifully Broken

This season saw IA London designer Ira Iceberg deliver her collection of darkly created garments inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with visible golden filling of the cracks. Mixing ready to wear items with custom pieces the collection once again emphasized the unique design point the label brings to London Fashion Week.

“After the last two years, I think we all feel a little broken” – Ira Iceberg

Mixing British made sustainable textiles to create a collection that took the fractured nature of its individual pieces to create a magnificent whole, the collection mirrored its inspiration. The artistic prints on each garment also added to the drama and impact of a setting based around The Black Tree, an installation piece by Liana Verderocce in The Mandrake Hotel that played host to the show.

Fashion needs drama, intrigue and to play on the senses in a teasingly dangerous way, and on a wind blown post storm day Ira Iceberg treated us to a story that would of been worthy of Poe himself.

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