Rue Agthonis – Submerged Fantasy

After two seasons on the digital schedule at London Fashion Week Rue Agthonis stepped out of the screen and on the the dark and deeply polished wooden floors of the Café Royal, a meeting place for such London luminaries as Noel Coward, Oscar Wilde, Bridget Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor and of course The Rolling Stones who founder and creative lead Yanling Sha cites as one of her creative infulences. With the iconic and historic nature of the venue we should of known we were in for theatre and glamour.

Yanling Sha may of transitioned the way the show was delivered but the brilliance of the collection remained. each look different for the previous and the next, yet a theme of exuberance an joy creating the thread between them. Huge pops of colour were mixed as blocks and punctuated by the occasional monochrome set for an elegant contrast.

It’s worth noting that of the many shows I saw during London Fashion Week Rue Agthonis had the most complete wardrobe collection, any fan of the Paris based label would be able to go from the start of the season to the end with all that entails from this selection, whether lazy Saturday lunch with pals, a splash of colour at work, or chic for the evening it’s there in the collection.

How good do I think this collection is? I make it one of my picks of the season.

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