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Jo Wood Launches on Pearls & Pomegranates

British jewellery designer Jo Wood, founder of Jo Wood Jewellery, explores the human experience and relationship with nature through Earth casting, the experimental casting technique used to create each piece in her debut collection, ‘Touch the Earth’.
Jo first conceptualised an instinctual connection with nature as part of the human condition when she spent time living on a farm in North Devon. There, her perspective changed as she walked barefoot across the land and felt a melding of physical, emotional, and spiritual connections to the Earth. It was then that she developed the technique of Earth casting-pouring molten metal onto the surface of the planet, capturing energy and movement, and creating unpredictable organic forms.
“I make jewellery because I am drawn to its glamour and opulence,” says Jo, “and because human connection to jewellery is as deep rooted as our connection to nature.”
Every piece of handcrafted jewellery by Jo Wood is unique; while they often relate to each other, no Jo Wood jewellery piece is the same as another.


Capturing special moments in beautiful jewellery

Founded by Natalia Kübler, Pearls & Pomegranates is a new jewellery marketplace, established with a vision towards quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service and sustainability. They partner with passionate jewellers and jewellery designers, to not only sell beautiful pieces, but also to connect them with new clients looking for bespoke designs.ditions and will continue to play our role in keeping them alive.

“Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do”

Pearls & Pomegranates enjoy working with jewellers who share their commitment to charity and sustainability. Their ethical and environmental consciousness, drives their vision of sustainable jewellery, created with the smallest possible impact.

Their Mission is to create timeless heirlooms made with sustainable metals and gemstones that the customer can treasure forever. That is why they work with conscious jewellery makers, who endorse slow production, use ethically sourced, recycled, or reclaimed materials and share at least one of our seven Mission Pillars.

Doing things differently

Pearls & Pomegranates conserve 20 square metres of Colombian rainforest for every item purchased, in partnership with Bioconservancy, a non-profit organisation devoted to protecting the rainforest.

They also donate 5% of annual pre-tax profits, to charitable causes close to their hearts.

The brand also dedicate 15% of their total marketing budget, specifically for promoting sustainable jewellery made using recycled and reclaimed materials.

And lastly, they offer jewellers options for compostable shipping materials such as mailers, tissue paper, and stickers.

We conserve 20 square metres of Colombian rainforest for every order

When building the idea for Pearls & Pomegranates, Natalia was keen to use the business as a platform for change. Her mother is Colombian and so creating a positive impact in her country of heritage is central to this objective. With this in mind, Pearls & Pomegranates hopes to conserve areas of the Colombian rainforest in partnership with Bioconservancy, a research and conversation organisation that operates in the cloud forests of the western Andes.

more transparency about this concept.

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