Moushe more than just jewelry

With such hot weather it may be a struggle to recommend collections to layer up for a look, so while the sun beats down upon us like a marvel superhero knocking a super villain about I started to look at how else to make those mid summer looks stylish and chic, and the answer is Moushe.

Sustainably made and delightfully playful, the pieces from Moushe keep fun at the core of the design ethos created by London based founder Nabiha Sabzvari. The unconventional pieces lend themselves to being a focal point of any outfit and add an energetic zest to any outfit.

With impeccable sustainability credentials from the sourcing of the metals right through to the packaging the label is perfectly placed to be the responsible fashion choice of the summer. As fashion seeks a new future its great to see labels such as Moushe not only being transparent in their production, but that those values aren’t adopted for a position, they have been part of the label since day one. I have a long held belief that those that make sustainability the heart of the company are the ones that really deliver.

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