Shrimps Pre-Fall ’22

It might be in the 90’s out there during this heatwave, but Shrimps are taking us back to the very cool 70’s (yes that was a Fahrenheit joke, I’m that cool!!!) with the pre-fall collection. The decade of the original summer of love, Ziggy Stardust and the Atari 2600 is the theme of the season, and one that Shrimps have taken and added a modern touch as they weaved this wonderful collection.

Picking up on iconic notes such as the stylized flower patterns and tactile fabrics of the era this is a collection that doesn’t copy but pays knowing and informed tribute to a spectrum ranging from Haight Ashbury to Electric Folk, the defining musical cannon of the period.

One of the particularly appealing facets of this collection is it’s ability to be a full wardrobe, from the casual big stitched looks, via floaty dresses and bell bottoms to the elegant lines and cut of two pieces and coats this is a collection that has you covered in all weathers for all occasions.

Mix the versatility of the collection with its roots in sustainable fashion and we’re approaching what feels like a very considered approach to the collections of the future, consciously sourced and purposely inter-playable to allow mix and match turning items into a wide selection of looks.

To quote the biggest selling band of the 70’s Slade (yes they were huge not just Christmas bothering one time wonders) “mama, we’re all crazee now” for Shrimps.

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