BLVCK – A Monotone Melody

Henry Ford once said “you can have any colour you like as long as it’s black”, it’s an oft quoted line but can that step forward 100 years and be transformed into a philosophy that transcends that, well quite frankly yes. While not influenced or inspired by the Detroit based crank of global fame, French designer, Julian O’hayon has created a label that stays strictly in the singular palette.

Step forward Blvck, the US based label that has rejected colour, instead opting for the darkest of tones, and mixing that with an understanding of how the modern young crowd of fashion conscious folk want to look. It’s that growing iconic look of relaxed yet well fitted mixed with touches of sport and nods to glam.

Take for instance the bucket hat, a delightful center piece of the labels accessories, Gen X wore it at spike island and in Ibiza, it was a scruffy addition that left us thinking we looked like the Stone Roses, but in reality mirrored Kevin & Perry, but under the nuance of progressive style and in the hands of O’hayon, it’s effortlessly chic and iconic.

The monotone nature of the collection leads to a certain immediacy of the serious, but a look around the garment collection and it’s wider lifestyle options shows notes of humor and fun, we even see basketballs and bunnies. This is where current designers hit their stride, in playing with aesthetic, doing it for the gram, but also eminently wearable if you’ve nipped to the shop or are taking a spin round Mayfair on a Saturday afternoon.

In singularity there is beauty and here is both, I applaud.

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