Baroque Japanesque

Fusion, I love fusion, the melding of different notions being brought together, things we thought whole when standing alone take on a new relationship with what whole means when joined together. Baroque Japanesque are the perfect example, taking traditional Japanese elements from the rich cultural and fashion history of the nation and mixing them with the more European centered ideas of the gothic, the baroque and adding a twist of art nouveau to create a label that has it’s own vision.

Maybe the mix comes from the duality of the designers life, while from Japan, Shiori has lived in Vienna for 18 years, and while the lineage of the influences suddenly moves into a sharper context of lived experience, it still takes talent to juggle such well known styles, but perhaps as a blacksmith doesn’t see a raw material, they see the potential to become something else Shiori has the alchemists skill of forging new elements.

From the custom printed boots to the hats, this is a collection of colour and vibrancy, and I wish I could waltz all night with this beauty.

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