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Apu Jan, In Dreams, We Investigate

The now familiar ringing tone of zoom drops out and I’m connected with Apu Jan in his studio in Taipei, but it’s not the same Apu Jan that I’ve interviewed [...]

N Palmer, Debuting Into The Future

The fashion landscape has changed, and with it the way designers have debuted has changed with it. N Palmer is one such designer, the CSM graduate launched his brand in 2020 [...]

Ray Chu, Centipede Love

When is fashion at it’s best, when its embracing it’s creativity, when it plays at colour, or when it challenges ideas and pushes at the seams of our worlds, well [...]

Art School, The New Term

“Changing the goal posts. The markers of how real people, real voices can be represented in this industry” – Eden Loweth How does change come about, [...]

Canada, The Undisclosed Fashion Hotbed

Sid Neigum One of the great privileges of my job is getting to be part of an incredible creative industry, and twice a year the world comes to London to celebrate the beauty [...]