Edited by Marcella Martinelli Who is Sabrina Percy? She is a striking looking young woman, an ex model who is an artist and Illustrator focusing on the [...]


#LovedbyLatouche is a celebration of all the creatives that I know; they are people doing great things that deserve to be seen and admired. I have been blessed to live a life [...]

MilliOnAir | Conversations

This month featuring music artist Jennas Jones Conversations with Elise Quevedo in January 2019 Edition I can never get tired of saying that music is inspiration, music is [...]


All hail to the King of Android 2018: Say hello to Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro Smartphone [...]

The BIG Fashion Edit

Photographer: Tim Bret-Day Model: Charlotte Pallister at Linden Staub My work has always been my passion and I am grateful to have found the magazine that allows me to [...]


The Cordwainers Footwear Student of the Year Awards ceremony MilliOnAir August Edition On a sunny evening in June the MilliOnAir team were invited to attend The Cordwainers [...]

Five minutes with NiFT & 54Films

MilliOnAir July 2018 Jacqui and Craig can you give us a little update on what’s been happening since NIFF launched back in April? Where to begin???? It’s been non stop. [...]

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi

By Fashion Editor Alison Lowe MBE MilliOnAir July 2018 edition Times have changed and now instead of looking forward to fashion week in the big four fashion capitals, one of [...]